About Werner Lumber

Werner Lumber is a 5th generation family owned and operated hardware store in the small town of Pine Grove, PA. From a feed mill, coal, and lumber yard into the hardware store and lumber yard that can meet all of your project needs. Our small hometown business employs around 30 people from the local area.

Starting in the early 20th Century, the build our store is held in has a long history. Beginning as the Fox-Knapp Mfg. Co., this small town clothing factory produced many of the jackets and pea coats worn by Navy service members during World War II. This small company became popular allover the country and soon the world after being published in several national magazines. Employing over 260 workers from local towns, this small mogul had contracts totaling over $7 Billion from just the U.S. military effort. After the war, the factory continued to produce many things such as hunting jackets, woolen over coats, and even trousers. Even the 1970 Olympic Team jackets were designed and Produced by the Fox-Knapp Mfg. Co. After ceasing operation in the late 1970’s, the factory was sold several times before sitting dormant for many years until Werner Lumber Company purchased the property for the site of its new Ace Hardware store.

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Leading Team Members

Craig Werner

Owner, President

John Werner

Owner, Vice President

Robin Werner

Secretary/Treasurer &

Accounts Payable/Receivable Manager

Justin Werner

Outdoor Power/Rental

Department Manager

Nichole Guigley

Ace Hardware Store Manager

Nick Modesto

Outside Sales/Building Materials

Sales Manager