Werner Lumber offers various services.

 Need some services to help get the job done? We can help!

Werner Lumber offers many services ranging from materials delivery to window repairs. Save yourself some money by taking advantage of one of our great services.

What building material are you looking for?

Don’t have a truck? Don’t worry we deliver!

Our experienced drivers are ready to deliver your materials.

Our fleet of 9 trucks and experienced drivers are ready to deliver your building materials to your job. Two of our trucks are equipped with material handling cranes and we make every effort to get your material as close to where you are using it as possible. Shingles to the roof, drywall into the third floor, or block down in the hole, if it’s possible we’ll get it there. We also have a work-site forklift that can carry material into hard to reach places. Are you hanging rafters or heavy beams in a new house? Our crane trucks are also rent-able to take care of all your heavy lifting needs.

Whether its tools, screens, windows, or even lamps we will repair it.

Save your money by repairing instead of replacing.

So the dog ran through the screen again. No worries. Bring your damaged window pane or insect screen to our fully stocked shop and we’ll get you fixed up right away. Most repairs are done the next day. And yes, we even do double pane sashes, but they make take a few days to order in the necessary parts. Sometimes it is not possible all damaged windows or screens so our helpful staff will help to order a new one to get your home sealed back up.

Your tool probably still has a lot of life left in it. Don’t get a new tool when all you need is a small part. Come visit us and we’ll order the replacement part you need. We can even have the tool repaired for you if you prefer. Any Tool. Any Brand.

Changing the light bulb not enough to turn the lamp back on? Bring the lamp in so we can take a look at it and fix the wiring on it to have it shining bright once again

Chain sharpening services will have your chainsaw cutting like new again.

Chainsaw dull again? We can sharpen it!

Is your chainsaw not cutting through wood like it should? Is your lawn mower not cutting quite as nice as it once did? Bring in your chains or blades to be sharpened to get you back on top of your game once again.

Hydraulic Hoses can become old and start leaking.

Werner Lumber will replace you hydraulic hoses.

We replace hydraulic hoses from all types of equipment. Just bring in the hose and we will take it from there.

It’s time to get your spare set of keys made or replace your lock.

Don’t get locked out, having an extra key will help avoid problems later.

Don’t wait until you’re locked out, stop at Werner Lumber Company today and have extra keys made. A small investment now may help you avoid a big headache later. We also offer a re-keying service.
Make your life easier, have one key that opens the front door, the rear door, and the garage. We can even make master keys. Come visit us and let us see how we can help you.

Don’t let a empty propane tank cancel your plans, get your propane tank refilled.

Have a backyard barbecue but ran out of propane for the grill, we can help!

Whether it is a back yard barbecue or a heating unit for the garage, we can refill your propane needs. We can accommodate most tanks in various weights. If your tank is not fully empty, we charge by both the gallon and per full-fill. Maybe your tank is too old and you want a new one? We also keep several new propane tanks in stock up to 100 lbf. sizes.

20 lbf.
30 lbf.
40 lbf.
100 lbf.
250 lbf.
Fork-Lift Tanks
Recreational Vehicles